Best of 2018

I think I say this every year. And every year just gets better and better. And if this was how 2018 turned out, I look forward to the craziness that will be 2019!

Every year, I think about what had I learnt and this year was no different. I am blessed to be supported by my family, but my fellow photographer friends have really stepped up for me – especially during the period when I was unwell. I cannot thank them enough.

So as I share the slideshow (which is pretty damn fast), I also want to say these are just some of my favourite pictures. They’re either some cool moments or have a special story behind them. Each picture is special and while I could have made this post as long as the Nile, its best that we keep it to a manageable number.

Finally, thank you to all my clients who have invited me to their wedding and into their lives. Its a priviledge for me to have been allowed to create this pictures and I will hold your friendship dearly in my heart. To everyone who has me booked for 2019… I cannot wait!

Thank you!


  • Beautiful work, I love your careful use of colour. That silhouette between the trees on the hill is stunning too! All the best for 2019.