Greek Wedding, Steve and Layla, North London Wedding Photographer

Steve and Layla’s North London Greek Wedding

Earlier this year, I introduced you to Steve and Layla whose prewedding shoot we did in Central London.  Their wedding day was equally beautiful!

Layla looked stunning as the bride in her wedding dress from Hollywood Dreams Bridal.  Steve was not going to know what had hit him when he eventually saw her walking down the aisle.

And Steve.  Put a suit on him and he is a totally different person!  Steve looked dashing in his suit.  Laughing and joking prior to the ceremony – Steve had no nerves.  He knew he was about to marry the girl of his dreams.

The Greek Wedding Ceremony took place at the 12 Apostles Church in Potters Bar.  A wonderfully idyllic church set on the crossroads of a couple of country lanes just outside of Potters Bar.

Even though the ceremony was delayed and the weather playing havoc – the day itself was full of joy.  Everyone had a great time with loads of smiles.  This was a Greek Wedding to rival all others!

The reception took place at the City Pavilion in near Romford.  If this day couldn’t get any better, we were then get treated to a song written by Steve and performed by his good friends – Ryan and the Rumours.  I knew Steve was something special, but writing the song for your first dance truly is something else!

I hope you enjoy this selection of images from this Greek Wedding and Reception!  I know I certainly did!

Videography on the day was by the great Vas Michaelides of VGM Studios.

I hope you enjoy viewing these images as much as I took taking them!  If you’re looking for a Wedding Photographer for your Wedding Day, then please do not hesitate in contacting me.  My details are below.

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