Prewedding Shoot in Central London, Uma and Vikash

Uma and Vikash’s Prewedding Shoot in Central London

These guys had a plan!  And when I say plan, I really mean plan!  They wanted to have a picnic, followed by some fun and end in a really cool bar!

Now, shooting in Central London can throw up a few challenges… and ours was the weather!  Doing a prewedding shoot in the outdoors means you will have to deal with rain, wind and sun (we like sun)!  For this prewedding shoot, we had torrential rain 20mins before we were due to start!  Not an issue… I can get amazing reflections in the puddles!

We finished the shoot taking a few pictures in a bar!  Now, this wasn’t a closed bar, but one which had paying guests and people doing their own thing…!  So no flash and lets not go pulling funky poses – lets keep it subtle and cool!

Asian-Wedding-Photography-Prewedding-Shoot-1 Asian-Wedding-Photography-Prewedding-Shoot-2 Asian-Wedding-Photography-Prewedding-Shoot-3 Asian-Wedding-Photography-Prewedding-Shoot-4 Asian-Wedding-Photography-Prewedding-Shoot-5 Asian-Wedding-Photography-Prewedding-Shoot-6 Asian-Wedding-Photography-Prewedding-Shoot-7 Asian-Wedding-Photography-Prewedding-Shoot-8 Asian-Wedding-Photography-Prewedding-Shoot-9 Asian-Wedding-Photography-Prewedding-Shoot-10 Asian-Wedding-Photography-Prewedding-Shoot-11 Asian-Wedding-Photography-Prewedding-Shoot-12 Asian-Wedding-Photography-Prewedding-Shoot-13 Asian-Wedding-Photography-Prewedding-Shoot-14