Roshni and Don’s Prewedding Shoot in Central London – Asian Wedding Photographer

I first met Roshni and Don at National Asian Wedding Exhibition in 2013. They came to my stand, looked at my work, took another look and then booked a consultation. When we sat down to talk, it became clear how cool these two cats are!

Don is such a happy go lucky guy and Roshni is such a cool lady, I knew instantly that photographing these two was going to be a mixture of fun and craziness! Exactly my type of clients!

The prewedding shoot took place in/around Central London. As Don is from Canada, he wanted the element of London to be a part of their shoot. London with all it’s landmarks certainly did not disappoint. However, we wanted a “Signature Prewedding Shot” that was bespoke and totally fit the couple.

We happened to walk past some sprinklers watering some grass verges and I just had an idea. The lightbulb moment of instantly seeing a photo happen based on my experience. Unfortunately, it meant the couple were going to get wet in the water spray and some of my photography equipment was going to get ruined! But it was so worth it for the shot (shown above)!

I hope you enjoy viewing these images as much as I took taking them! If you’re looking for a Wedding Photographer for your Wedding Day, then please do not hesitate in contacting me. My details are below.

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