Alex and Lauren’s Wedding

I have to start this by thanking Alex and Lauren.  To thank them for trusting me and for believing in me.  The way they supported me is something I will never ever be able to convey in words.  Thank you.

Now onto Alex and Lauren… what can I say?  This was one amazingly fun wedding.  And one which I didn’t photograph – that was done by the incredibly gifted Tom Halliday.

Alex and Lauren are amazing together.  They both vibe so well and just create the most fun.  I love them so much especially as they had to reschedule due to the pandemic.  However, the wait was most certainly worth it.  Lauren looked stunning in her white big white dress, like a princess.  And Alex could easily have passed as James Bond.  I swear, there are a couple of pictures/video clips where he literally has the Bond look nailed.

I would love to say so much more, but I am going to just stop.  Lets be honest, you just want to watch the films!  So with HUGE pride, I present to you, Alex and Lauren.

Big love!


The Ceremony Video

The Speeches Video