Chintan and Chandni

Whenever I have an enquiry its always interesting to know how its going to pan out.  Chintan and Chandni contacted me earlier this year to discuss their wedding photography plans and during the meeting it became very clear that they were people who I wanted to work with!

They got married at the beginning of September at the beautiful Swaminarayan Temple in Stanmore.  Surrounded by their friends and family they were blessed with lots of love, support and well wishes.

Chandni was THE bride who just smiles all the time!  She has the most infectious smile but she has a heart of gold.  Watching her throughout the day and how she spoke to her family, her loved ones was amazing.  She just has/makes time for them!  Chintan brings an element of cheekiness to the mix!  And together they make a wonderful team.

The wedding was a wonderfully conducted with elements of emotion and love throughout.  I am just the lucky person who got to photograph it.

Thank you for trusting me!  I look forward to seeing you again soon – but in the meantime, please do enjoy your pictures!

Big love!