Dipen and Priyal

Priyal and Dipen.  What can I say?  Shall we do it all again?  I know they want to…!!  And I can definitely see why they would want to redo it all!

Lets start in the morning… or maybe even before that?  From the initial booking at one venue, which then fell through to finding a new one and having a fairy different plan of a garden reception.  These guys had a few hoops to get through.

The morning of the wedding at the Swaminarayan temple in Stanmore was overcast and wet.  Not something we really wanted.  And then there were 3 different events at the same time… so we had to make sure we didn’t inadvertently gate crash someone else’s celebrations!

The marquee looked amazing.  Priyal’s wonderful bridal look was just perfect and Dipen was the ideal groom.  They make a real power couple, but they also bring so much warmth and happiness.  Watching Priyal walk to the marquee under multiple umbrellas trying to shelter from the rain whilst not letting anyone see her was a picture I will never forget!

Following the ceremony we moved to Dipen and Priyal’s house for their garden reception… and the sun made a wonderful appearance!  The party was full of energy and loud music (man… I’ve missed a good party!).  Big shout to DJ Aaron from Musical Movements but it was Dipen’s nephew who stole the show with his incredible DJ skills.

I am so proud of the pictures that Andy and I took.  I cannot thank you enough for being so welcoming to Andy and I.  Thank you for trusting us.  Its with immense pride and pleasure, I present to you… your wedding photos.

Big love!