Kosha and Harshil – Wedding and Reception

Say hello to Kosha and Harshil.  I’ve known Kosha for a very long time thanks to our shared passion of Indian Cricket and Liverpool Football.  So we’ve always followed each other’s social media for a very very long time.

When Harshil and Kosha did reach out to me, the thing that stood out was their absolute love, respect and devotion to each other.  They way the support each other and the way they have each others backs reminds me a lot about my relationship with Sejal.

As I got to hear more and more about their plans, the more excited I became at photographing their wedding day.  I knew it would be amazing, but what I wasn’t quite expecting was the love, emotion and fun that I experienced on the day.

I could write so much more – but you really want to watch the slideshow.  Press play, sit back and enjoy!

Kosha/Harsh – thank you so much for trusting me and I look forward to catching up again in the near future.

Big love!