Maddy and Alpesh

I first met Maddy a number of years ago when I was first taking my small steps into the world of wedding photography.  I was photographing a community sports tournament where I was lucky enough to meet a number of incredible people and made lots of lifelong friends.  That was probably 10 years ago (and maybe more!).

So fast forward to today.  When Mads first spoke to me in 2019 about her wedding, I was 100% committed in making sure we had the best day.  I wanted to make sure both Maddy and Alpesh had the best day.  Cue Covid.  But that didn’t stop my support of them.  They have been through a ‘few’ hurdles but getting to the day and having the BEST time was super important – and I would like to think we managed it!

This slideshow is LONG… I just wasn’t sure what I could keep out?!  I am just so blessed to be able so share these beautiful pictures.

Thank you again for trusting me.  For believing in me.  And for supporting me.

Big Love!