Naimin and Sejal’s Civil and Hindu Wedding!

The wedding that just HAD to take place.  I met Naimin and Sejal at Sejal’s sister’s (Bella) wedding a few years previously.  So when they got in touch about their own wedding, I naturally was going to say yes!

But… they had to really go through some crazy times to get to this point!  Their civil took place in 2020 just before we all went into lockdown and then everything went crazy.  So when they told they were going to replan for 2021 – I made damn sure that I was going to be there to capture their wedding day.

These are just a small selection of the pictures from the 2 main events (Civil and Wedding) and I am sure this will change once the Reception party takes place… but for now, please do enjoy!

I am so pleased to share these pictures with you!  Please do enjoy!

A full blog post will come soon.