Ravi and Priya

I love a Civil Wedding.  I love that they’re simply about the couple and how they declare their love and commitment to each other.  This wedding was exactly what I love about Civil Weddings.

It turned out that I had met Ravi at one of my very first weddings.  He is the cousin of one of my very first clients and he tells me that he was at their wedding.  Which means I have a picture of him somewhere already!

Priya is someone who I met for the first time during this wedding.  I absolutely love her bubbly nature.  How she’s so family orientated and just how she knows what she wants and loves.

Together, Ravi and Priya are just amazing together.  Watching how they supported each other during the build up and day itself just says so much about them both.

I am so proud to share their pictures and their Civil wedding.  It is my life work.  Something I put all my effort into.  Something which I just love sharing back.

Thank you so much for trusting me.  It gives me immense pleasure to share this with you.