Ravi and Rimi

I always worry if I am going to ‘get along’ with my clients when they first enquire with me.  With Ravi and Rimi, this turned out to be an unfounded fear!  We got along like a house on fire!

This was another Covid affected wedding (I am getting pretty bored of this now).  But when it did happen, boy was it a corker!  We had so much fun throughout the wedding day – from Ravi’s entrance, to Rimi’s entrance, the crazy Koda Kodi, getting told off for taking portraits near where another wedding was taking place… so many moments!

Most importantly though, we really felt a sense of welcoming from all the family and friends.  Getting to know them throughout the day allowed us to capture some crazy wedding pictures especially in the evening!

Ravi and Rimi, you guys both looked amazing.  I especially loved all the little moments, the cheeky smiles and grins that you both gave each other during the wedding.  The competition to find the ring during koda kodi was hilarious.  But thank you for giving us the time to really create some incredible portraits of you.

I loved getting to know you, your families and your loved ones.  It truly was an honour.  It gives me immense pleasure in sharing your highlights slideshow as well as your full gallery!

Big love!