Sheli and Ricky

So I actually missed Ricky and Sheli’s original enquiry (email issues!).  Thankfully they then messaged me to have a chat!  And from that first message, it was obvious that they would be my ideal type of client.  Family orientated but with that element of fun which I love photographing.

They, however, were then impacted by the wonderful tsunami that was (and is) Covid.  Postponing from their original date to a new one meant a little bit of movement in my calendar but nothing which I couldn’t fix.

And I am so glad I was able to photograph their wedding events.  They were all so very well thought out.  The guys really thought about what they wanted and how their events should flow.  It was just my honour to be able to photograph it all.

Thanks again for trusting me.  It truly was a wonderful few days and I am just so excited to share this slideshow and your full gallery with you!

Big Love