Yash and Mehul’s COVID postponed wedding!

Introducing Yash and Mehul’s COVID postponed wedding from the Swaminarayan temple in Woolwich.  This is a FIRST… I am introducing BOTH their wedding photos AND their wedding video highlights!  With everything they had to go through to make this day happen – it is MY HONOUR to be able to share these two videos!

Before we get to that – just a little bit of background on the wedding and the day!  Originally set for May, thanks to Covid, we had to push the date back to September.  No worries… we’ll just have a great day in September.  But Covid caused merry hell with concerns around whether or not we would be able to proceed!  Luckily we could!

The wedding took place at the beautiful Swaminarayan temple in Woolwich.  I’ve worked there previously for Raksha and Paresh’s wedding – which is where Yash found me!  One thing I knew was that while I had worked at the venue previously, I didn’t want to offer the same pictures as before – there is no creativity in doing the same stuff!  This is true for all my clients – always striving to do something different.

Well, what was different here?  Obviously… it was the video.  The first time I have videoed a Hindu Wedding from start to end!!  And one heck of a challenge and adrenaline rush to do so!!

Quick shout outs to the temple support staff for keeping everything running smoothly.  To Andy for being my right hand man – someone who I know I can always rely upon.  And to Mandy (Aphrodites) for making Yash look AMAZING, her banter and friendship!

Leaves me to say… ENJOY!!!!

Know the couple? Click here to view the gallery!

The Wedding Highlights Video

The Full Wedding Video