Anil and Krishna’s Couple Shoot in Cambridge

Krishna got in touch with me earlier in the year enquiring about a couple shoot for her and her husband Anil.  She explained that while they had lots of pictures, they didn’t have many which they could display around their house!

After speaking to Krishna, I began to understand the reason for the lack of photos in her house.  The couple “don’t do posed” very well.  Essentially, as soon as a camera is pointed in their direction, something happens and as Krishna says – she has a Chandler moment!

Now being a wedding photographer, it is my job to know when to take candid photos and when to pose a couple in order to create wonderful images that can be displayed in frames, canvases etc.

The shoot was originally due to take place in London, but with no connection for the couple with London (besides work), we decided it would have been better to have this shoot in Cambridge.  The beautiful university grounds, the cobbled streets etc!  And luckily, the weather was perfect!

We took a number of natural and candid images with some fun aspects followed by a selection of more posed and striking shots in my undeniable style.

I hope you enjoy viewing these images as much as I took taking them and creating them!  If you’re interested in having something similar for yourself – then please do not hesitate in contacting me (details below).

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Anil-Krishna-Nishit-Parmar-Photography-1-3 Anil-Krishna-Nishit-Parmar-Photography-1-4 Anil-Krishna-Nishit-Parmar-Photography-1-5 Anil-Krishna-Nishit-Parmar-Photography-1-8 Anil-Krishna-Nishit-Parmar-Photography-1-10 Anil-Krishna-Nishit-Parmar-Photography-1-12 Anil-Krishna-Nishit-Parmar-Photography-1-13 Anil-Krishna-Nishit-Parmar-Photography-1-22 Anil-Krishna-Nishit-Parmar-Photography-1-23 Anil-Krishna-Nishit-Parmar-Photography-1-28 Anil-Krishna-Nishit-Parmar-Photography-1-31 Anil-Krishna-Nishit-Parmar-Photography-1-36