Cafe de Paris - Civil Wedding

It was the middle of the summer and I was called by a friend asking if I was available in September for a wedding.  It was a short affair (3 hours), Central London, nothing too crazy…. oh, the couple are going to be appearing on Don’t Tell the Bride.

I don’t watch too much television, but I got the feeling that this was quite a big thing.  Looked it up and found its a show where the groom plans the whole wedding with no input from the bride… I can do this!

So when I spoke to the groom (Kain), it was a pretty simple discussion and he was happy for me to shoot his wedding at the famous Cafe de Paris in the heart of London’s West End.  When the day arrived, I was met by the large production team with their multiple cameras and warnings of ensuring I don’t get in their way.  Of course, I love a good challenge!

Kain had chosen a Gangster theme for his wedding and Charlie walked in looking like Marilyn Monroe while being serenaded by Kain’s best man as she walked in.  It was an incredibly moment as her emotions overtook her – but also their family and friends.  A beautiful simple ceremony was conducted by the celebrant before I took Kain and Charlie outside for the couple pictures.

Such an amazing experience but such a cool couple!  I’m so glad I took this booking and was able to provide a host of pictures to Kain and Charlie.  If you’re getting married and looking for a photographer do not hesitate in contacting me to discuss your wedding day.

Cafe de Paris - Civil Wedding

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