Riten and Reema’s Hindu Wedding and Reception at the Oval Cricket Ground

So it is fair to say that I have been itching to share this wedding with you all.  Quite simply, so very excited about this wedding.  It has so many elements of fun, enjoyment and happiness – that I just knew as the day progressed that this would be amazing.

To begin with, it was a wedding at the Oval Cricket Ground in Kennington, South London.  Being a massive Cricket lover and watching India play here so many times – this location brings back many happy memories.

The groom is a massive Liverpool FC Supporter.  I mean, this guy really lives and breaths LFC.  He follows them as intensively as I do.  So we have a great connection there.

The bride (who looked drop dead gorgeous on the day) is also a cake maker (check out Cupcake Avenue).  She had an amazing cake and some beautiful Cake Lollipops too!!

The day was a typical Indian Wedding day with an early start and a late finish.  I met the bride at the venue and proceeded to capture her getting ready shots.  She had hired the talented Minal Shah who did an amazing job to make Reema look even more elegant than she already is.

We followed the Groom’s entrance which led to an awkward 10minute wait while the venue rushed to open the doors to allow the procession onto the Roof Terrace!  Many laughs and giggles ensured that everyone kept smiling and the issue was soon forgotten.

After the breakfast, Riten made his grand entrance into the wedding venue.  Cue a mini scuffle where he was protected from the nose pinch that was coming towards him – and then further down the aisle the mini “war” that broke out over his shoes!  Unfortunately, I was in the middle of the melee with nowhere to go other than to continue taking pictures as it all unfolded around me!

The wedding was beautifully observed and wonderfully conducted by the amazing Kamal Pandey.  It was the first time I had worked with Kamal and I was blown away by the way he conducted the ceremony.

We had the fortune of being allowed to take some pictures on the Cricket pitch itself!  Luckily, I had borrowed a bat and ball from one of my previous couples (Shilpen and Reshma) and we proceeded to have some fun on the green luscious grass.  However, what we weren’t expecting were the wedding guests to give Riten and Reema a huge cheer for every ball that was bowled and hit!

Before the reception really took off, I had the pleasure of sharing Riten and Reema’s same day edit.  A selection of images from the morning ceremony (including a couple from their portraits!).  Such a hit as there were a few tears and lots of love!

Finally, we finished off the day in the amazing hands of Kudos who had everyone on the dancefloor!  It was simply, standing room only at times with people throwing shapes all over the dancefloor.

Videography was provided by Keval of Finesse Studios.

I just want to finish by thanking Riten and Reema for allowing me the honour of capturing your wedding day.  You both are wonderfully kind people who complete each other.  It has been wonderful getting to know you and I am sure we will be friends for a long time to come.

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