Serina and Damian are one fun, friendly, amazing and good looking couple. They get married at the imposing St Augustine’s wedding venue in Westgate on Sea. Serina is from Kent and Damian from Ireland – but the way the two families and friends came together was a joy to witness.

Serina looked incredible in her wedding outfit. A real life princess. She was taken to the wedding venue by a family friend who had a vintage American muscle car – just the perfect ride for this wonderful bride!

The Anand Karaj ceremony was conducted by Freedom and Leela (who travel the world to conduct the Sikh Wedding Ceremony). The ceremony was full of love as well as some beautifully sung devotional songs. Following the ceremony, Serina changed into her second outfit for the Civil Weddings and her second entrance! And once again, she looked amazing and Damian couldn’t stop smiling as his wife walked down the aisle towards him.

The day ended with a party which had a mix of bhangra and Irish Folk music by a band which the Bride and Groom had managed to find! I can say that it wasn’t something I had ever seen before and doubt I will see again!

I hope you enjoy looking through the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. This was a wedding which I remember to this day (partly cos my camera was trampled over by the groomsmen) – but more for the incredible friends and family who shared their love and affection for Serina and Damian.