The secrets to enjoying your wedding photos

This is a brief guide to give you an overview of how you can maximise your experience with me as your wedding photographer.

Everyone wants beautiful photos from their wedding events.  From the prewedding shoot, to the sangeet, the wedding and finally the party.  I wanted to give you a set of little pointers on what I do and why I do it so that at the end of the booking you have an incredible set of photos to enjoy.

So lets get to it!


I am hot on COMMS!  You need to be able to get in touch with me quickly and effectively.  I want to make that as easy as possible.  Remove the formality and keep it really simple and straight forward.

As soon as you book, I will create a WhatsApp group for the 3 of us.  It is a safe place for you to ask questions, throw ideas, update me on plans… in fact anything you want.  I still have a number of active groups with past clients LONG after their wedding.  You’re more than welcome to keep in touch after the wedding – I always love hearing about how you are getting on 2, 5 or event 10 years after your wedding!

Feel comfortable

Many of my clients tell me they feel uncomfortable in front of the camera.  While there is a massive selfie explosion – most people don’t like having their photo taken.  There are many reasons for this and (for me), it comes down to experience.

If you haven’t considered a Pre Wedding shoot then it is most definitely something you may want to consider.  It allows me to show you what is possible.  To feel comfortable with having your picture take.  To allow you the time and headspace to get used to having your picture taken.

Most importantly it is more time for me to get to know you.  It aligns back to the first tip about communication.  Getting to know you is incredibly important to me.

Enjoy the day!

Once the day starts – give yourself permission to enjoy your day!  You have worked so hard to bring everything and everyone together that you will feel lots of need to ensure everything is executed perfectly.  Well, here is the secret – the best photos happen when perfection fails.

What does that mean?  When you let moments naturally develop, you will see an abundance of amazing photos where people are just enjoying themselves.  I want you and your family to just love the day they’re experiencing so I won’t interject when they are having personal moments.  I also won’t say no to anyone who wants me to take their photo.

However, this also means that I will let you keep the day quite fluid.  I don’t want you to have to watch the clock the whole day (of course we will need to be ready for certain things) – but this does mean you get to enjoy your day to the fullest.

Allow time for creativity

You booked me for my creative spark.  In order to really make that shine, I do need some time to create those special one off amazing photos.  Creative and beautiful photos need time to come together.  It may mean going to the most random place – but there usually is an idea in my mind to make that picture.

Make sure you have some time in your itinerary for those pictures.  If you want a sunset photo – then we need to be outside for that picture (its hard if sunset happens at the same time as speeches).  Having some fluidity in the day allows us to make magic happen.  It may mean that we run outside to grab a couple of photos as I’ve seen something!

That said – if I sense you would benefit from some time to breath – I will leave you alone and let you breath and enjoy your time.


Make sure you let yourself go at the end of the day!  REALLY enjoy that party!  I want to see you and your family throwing shapes and exuding lots of fun and happiness.  The party pictures are just one element of the day which you can really just let loose (although I hope you have been chilled throughout).  And it is this part of the day where most of my clients really come alive!

Just don’t worry!  Throw shapes.  Pull faces.  Do crazy stuff.  These are the memories we want to have captured!