London based Asian Wedding Photographer

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I am not your ‘normal’ Asian Wedding Photographer.  I will answer your messages at any time in the day.  I will have fun on your Wedding Day.  I will eat your cake and drink your beer!  And if you’ve booked me for the day… I will stay till the very end to get that one last amazing picture!  My ethos is to envelope you in a blanket of care so that you have no worries from the moment you book till the end of your wedding day.

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Asian Documentary Wedding Photographer

I’ve had the honour of photographing numerous different types of weddings.  From Hindu to English, Sikh to Greek.  Every type of wedding is different and having a deep respect and understanding of the ceremony allows me to create the stunning pictures you have seen.

London based Indian Wedding Photographer

I am a London based Indian Wedding Photographer who has lots of experience shooting wedding not only in London, but also the Midlands, Europe and the rest of the World.  I’ve been fortunate to be given the responsibility of photographing intimate weddings in the countryside to huge lavish weddings in London.

Fun Moments creating Stories

My ethos to shooting your wedding is to have the most amount of fun possible which in turn leads to amazing stories.  I want you guys to forget about the stuff that hasn’t happened and just be totally engrossed in the beautiful moments occurring throughout your wedding day. Don’t worry about the things you cannot control – cos I will be taking pictures of it all!  Just sit back, relax and enjoy the day.  I’ll be there to capture it all.

Editorial or Documentary?

Which type of photography do I produce?  Is it a set of highly polished, beautifully posed, positioned and lit photographs?  Or is it a collection of unposed, candid and natural documentary photographs?

My view on this is pretty simple.  There are times in the day for Editorial and there are times in the day for Documentary.  While the majority of my work is in a Documentary stye – I work hard to produce a collection of well posed, lit and executed photos.

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Who am I?

I am a London based (East London, in fact) Asian Wedding Photographer who specialises in photographing your day in the most natural and realistic way possible.  This may mean me climbing onto chairs, crawling on the floor or even squeezing myself into some tiny spaces in order to create the memorable pictures you have seen.

I get to know my clients at a friendship level which allows me to support them on their wedding day.  I understand that weddings aren’t scripted and no two weddings are the same.  Its about you, your family, your friends and loved ones coming together to celebrate a beautiful event together.

I love capturing the fun, love and laughter that resides in every wedding.  A day where I get to watch two people come together and affirm their commitment and love for each other.

While I predominantly shoot Asian Weddings (ranging from Colourful Sikh Weddings, Opulent Hindu Weddings and Beautiful Muslim Weddings), I do have vast experience covering beautiful Church Weddings, Greek Weddings and even Destination Weddings.

Being based in London does not mean I am solely photographing weddings in London.  I love to travel and I have been lucky enough to have covered weddings all around the world.

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We watch other wedding photographers and just think… “Nish wouldn’t have done that!?”

Nish is amazing – just book him

Nish is now a really good friend.  He really has our backs.