Best of 2022

What happened here?

It seems all I ever do is update my site with End of Year blog posts and slideshows.  This is not intentional.  This is just due to the sheer incredibleness of everyone who booked me and trusted me in 2022 – making time for website updates a little difficult.

So what did I learn in 2022?  Well, you all trust me more than I could ever imagine.  The support and love I have experienced is something I cannot and will not forget.  I’ve also learnt a lot about myself from all my clients.  You have taught me so much.

The year started with a bang with a couple of weddings in the first few months which really got me into the swing of things.  They were quickly followed by the summer craziness and the year ended with a bunch of slightly smaller but equally wonderful weddings.

I’ve been lucky enough to work at some incredible venues from stately homes/hotels (North Mymms/Coombe Abbey).  But even the smaller venues as well as places of worship have allowed me to experience the love that you only really find at weddings.

This year has also seen a slight tweak in my editing which has included a new Black and White style which I am truly in love with.  I’ve put in a lot of work to really hone in my style so that it reflects me and my work.

I’ve also spent a good amount of time looking at incorporating a more editorial style to certain photos that I am delivering.  I’ve been loving the challenge to creating work that pushes my creativity.  My biggest fear is becoming stale and this year has been so refreshing for my mind.

I want to end by saying thank you to everyone (again) for supporting me.  And 2023… you are going to be incredible.

Big Love!


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