“Hey Nish, you shoot a lot of Hindu Weddings, but what about other types of weddings?” is a question I often hear from inquiring couples.  Never fear, I do have experience in many different types of weddings and I love photographing them all.

Jas and Dash’s wedding was a beautiful and simple Sikh Wedding in Leeds.  It took place the day after Liverpool lost in the Champions League to Real Madrid… and with both Dash and I being huge Liverpool fans this wasn’t a good start!  Luckily, we’re both pretty chilled guys and we knew that there would more opportunities for Liverpool…. but this wedding was only going to happen once!

The wedding took place at the local Gurdwara in Leeds and was attended by a large number of Jas and Dash’s family and friends.  Jas looked stunning in her simple yet elegant outfit.  As she walked down the aisle towards Dash, the light just happened to hit her in a way which made her even more radiant.

After the wedding, we went to the local park for their couple portraits and we were stopped a few times by well wishers.  Its wonderful when people just offer you nice words.  I love Jas and Dash’s quirkiness – they have a few things that they do (little signs and poses) and we just had to incorporate them into their pictures.

All in all, even though Liverpool lost the day before, Dash married his amazing wife on a stunningly beautiful late May day.