SKSS Temple - Hindu Wedding

Please allow me to introduce you to Raksha and Paresh’s beautiful Hindu Wedding at the lovely SKSS Temple in Woolwich. This wedding defined, to me, a Hindu Wedding where Family was front and centre to everything that happened. Beginning with the Ganesh Pooja in the morning followed by the Hindu Wedding ceremony. Every aspect of the day was planned with the importance placed on family.

I loved this couple’s faith in their religion and how important it is to them as people and as a couple. Getting to know them over the last few months, I have gained a new insight into how one should conduct themselves and I have lots of admiration in how Raks and Paresh work together as a pair. They bring much joy, laughter and love as individuals, but this is multiplied when they are together.

The wedding took place at the stunning SKSS Temple in Woolwich.  Its a beautiful venue with a specifically built hall in which to hold large Hindu Weddings.  Many people use the Temple for worshipping and its where Raksha and Paresh go often.  Raksha looked a stunning bride as she was brought to the Mandap by her brother.  The ceremony was conducted by the temple priest who had everyone entranced and entertained throughout.

The wedding ended with an outpouring of emotion which showed how close everyone was.  There is so much to say about this wedding but I think the pics will do a better job.  Please enjoy.

SKSS Temple - Hindu Wedding

“Where do we start about Nish? We went from not knowing him at all or even have heard of him to as if we have known him for years. We didn’t even have to tell him what we want, just what we did not want and he took it from there. He created some of most magical moments right from the pre-shoot which knowing ourselves as a couple we did not expect – it was ALL him and his work. We are privileged to be one of his award winning couple shots. He really brought out our true personalities and we all had a lot of fun along the way. If you are looking for fresh, natural and expressive photography for your wedding – Nishit Parmar is your man!”
Raksha and Paresh
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