A lot of my clients are people who I have met at previous weddings I have photographed.  This is true of Shyam and Roshni.  Roshni was one of the guests at Jayna and Das’ wedding at East Wintergardens (you can see this here).  So when Roshni called me to discuss her wedding plans and knowing how her family love to party – then this was a simple yes!

What I wasn’t quite expecting was Shyam and his family bringing the smack down with their love of Grime!  This party was off the hook… but lets wind it back to the wedding first!

Roshni was assisted in the morning by the incredible Aphrodites (Mandy – check out her insta stories, I promise they’ll make you laugh!).  It was the first time I had the pleasure of working with Mandy and I love her ethos and work ethic!

When Roshni’s parents saw her before the ceremony, the tears of happiness that rolled down her mothers cheek just told you everything.  No words were needed.

Shyam and Roshni has decided to forego the Indian Wedding ceremony as they wanted something much simpler.  So as Roshni walked down the aisle alongside her was her super proud father.  From their beautiful vows to the moment they left, they were surrounded by their loving family and friends.

The evening party was hosted by the wonderful Shiv from Dynamic Roadshow – another supplier who I love working with.  And its fair to say, from the banging songs to the stage dive by Shyam – this was one heck of a party!