Quendon Hall Asian Wedding and Reception

Sejal and Nai - Quendon Hall

Quendon Hall, Parklands - Hindu Wedding

I originally met Sejal and Nai at Bella and Davin’s wedding a few years previously.  I cheekily mentioned that I would be shooting Sejal’s wedding… little did I know that this would come true.

This was a Covid postponed wedding.  Originally due to take place in 2020, Sejal and Nai took the decision to push the wedding into 2021.  It allowed them time to put together a wedding which they would enjoy.  They were slightly hampered with the rules of the time, but we had a great day celebrating!

The Venue – Quendon Hall

Parklands Quendon Hall is simply stunning for weddings and receptions. From the most lavish of celebrations to more intimate events, the versatile reception rooms overlooking beautiful, landscaped gardens, offer endless scope and flexibility.  With over 20 years experience, they have mastered the art of putting together the perfect wedding.  Located in the Essex countryside it allows me to really create some amazing photos with stunning backdrops.

The Hindu Wedding

Sejal makeup was completed by the wonderful Sandy.  We were lucky enough to have plenty of time for morning portraits.  With the wedding being smaller than usual, there was a fairly relaxed atmosphere which allowed everyone to enjoy the day as it unfolded.  Sejal looked radiant in her cream Lengha – a very different choice to the norm – but a stunning one nonetheless.

While numbers may have been limited, the sense of fun and the noise definitely was not muted.  Nai made his entrance looking the amazing groom and was met by Sejal’s mum to be welcomed to the mandap.  The ceremony was conducted by the wonderful Vasudev with backing music by the always popular Shiv Gopal.

Once the ceremony was completed we had the wonderful opportunity to spend a fair amount of time for portraits of Sejal and Nai.  As I said earlier, the venue allows for many different pictures and its an incredible backdrop to create something unique and different.

Thank you for having me!

Quendon Hall - Hindu Wedding


Venue:  Quendon Hall
Make Up Artist:  Sandy D Makeup
Catering:  Annapurna Caterers
Priest:  Vasudev Mehta
Wedding music:  Shiv Gopal Music

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Best of 2022

Best of 2022

What happened here?

It seems all I ever do is update my site with End of Year blog posts and slideshows.  This is not intentional.  This is just due to the sheer incredibleness of everyone who booked me and trusted me in 2022 – making time for website updates a little difficult.

So what did I learn in 2022?  Well, you all trust me more than I could ever imagine.  The support and love I have experienced is something I cannot and will not forget.  I’ve also learnt a lot about myself from all my clients.  You have taught me so much.

The year started with a bang with a couple of weddings in the first few months which really got me into the swing of things.  They were quickly followed by the summer craziness and the year ended with a bunch of slightly smaller but equally wonderful weddings.

I’ve been lucky enough to work at some incredible venues from stately homes/hotels (North Mymms/Coombe Abbey).  But even the smaller venues as well as places of worship have allowed me to experience the love that you only really find at weddings.

This year has also seen a slight tweak in my editing which has included a new Black and White style which I am truly in love with.  I’ve put in a lot of work to really hone in my style so that it reflects me and my work.

I’ve also spent a good amount of time looking at incorporating a more editorial style to certain photos that I am delivering.  I’ve been loving the challenge to creating work that pushes my creativity.  My biggest fear is becoming stale and this year has been so refreshing for my mind.

I want to end by saying thank you to everyone (again) for supporting me.  And 2023… you are going to be incredible.

Big Love!


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The pictures which made MY 2022

Best of 2021

Best of 2021

The year which had 3 years in 1

So my last blog post was 1 year ago (my best of 2020).  A LOT has happened in that time meaning that I wasn’t quite able to blog as much as I would have liked.  That’s not to say I’ve had nothing to share, I’ve had a LOT to share – just had to prioritise my clients in order to ensure they had the best support they deserved.

This slideshow could have been a 3 hour blockbuster with all the pictures I have taken and delivered.  This is just a small selection of some of my absolute favourite pictures.

So let’s start at the beginning.  Coming out of the shit show that was 2020.  A lot of moved weddings.  Smaller weddings.  Intimate weddings.  People considering if they even want an actual wedding.  2021 had all of that and more.  We had the full spectrum from lockdown/small weddings to the massive, multi-day large 100s of people weddings and receptions.

In amongst it, I pushed myself to be more creative.  By using the time I had at the beginning of the year to try new techniques and refine my craft.  And then use that learning into my photography.

It doesn’t mean this year was plain sailing.  It meant that I worked more weddings than I originally planned to do so.  But it also meant that everyone who booked me had my full attention and support.

I’ve been so blessed to have been able to photograph all these joyous moments.  I cannot thank everyone enough for sticking with me.  Hanging in there while I worked on a week by week basis to get from one wedding to the next.  Thank you to the other suppliers who were so accommodating to make these magical moments happen.  To my peers for having my back when there were days when I needed their support, you have been amazing.

To all my clients from this year.  You’ve been amazing.  Working with me and understanding that I am working my hardest to make your galleries as perfect as possible.  I’ve created some of my BEST work ever this year.  I am incredibly proud of it all.  And as I keep saying – you’re all like family.  So welcome!

To my clients in 2022… this year is going to be fucking amazing.  We are going to smash this one.

Finally, the biggest thanks go to both sets of parents, to my siblings, my nieces and nephews and of course to Sejal and Ronak.  You’ve all been amazing in supporting me and picking up the slack when I’ve not been able to.  To Sejal and Ronak – this Christmas is ALL FOR AND ABOUT YOU. Xxx

Signing out of 2021.  Enjoy the slideshow and the pictures.


Nish X

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The pictures which made MY 2021

creative wedding portraits

Best of 2020

Best of 2020

So who honestly saw that coming?

From the beginning of the year to now, it’s been one heck of a journey.  There have been some incredible highs mixed with some of the deepest lows.  This is a post to share some of the pictures I’ve taken and to thank those who have had their plans changed and managed to get to the end of this year.

We started with so much optimism.  THIS WAS GOING TO BE MY YEAR.  I had a number of incredible weddings lined up as well as space for a few more in the 2nd half of the year.  And we started with a bang with the wedding of Sejal and Nai, a styled shoot in Stapleford Park followed quickly by a Prewedding shoot in Monaco with Avi and Shuby.  And then it all caved in.  Lockdowns.  Social Distancing.  Singing Happy Birthday as I washed my hands.  Sanitizing.  Face Masks… things I never thought would become normal life.

But we all got through.  We moved weddings.  We worked to find slots in diaries to make those hopes and dream come true.  I started doing videography and then portrait shoots as well as headshots for creatives and businesses.  This was the year where it all changed.  BUT we got through it.

I am looking forward to 2021.  Having learnt so much about myself as well as gaining new skills.  While I know it still is going to be rocky I still have your backs.

To my family, friends, clients and suppliers – I hope you have the most amazing Christmas and New Year.  And I look forward to seeing you all in person to hug, have a shot and celebrate together in 2021.

Prewedding shoot barbican london devan jigna

Devan and Jigna's Hindu Wedding and Reception in Leicester

Hindu Wedding and Reception at Maher Centre.

I originally met Devan and Jigna at Nisha and Sanjay’s wedding at the Belfry in 2018.  Devan was one of Sanjay’s best men – but their friendship goes back so many years.  So it was naturally my honour to photograph their wedding events.

The Prewedding Shoot in London

I love a good prewedding shoot and we created some stunning pictures in London for Jigna and Devan.  With pictures at the stunning Barbican as a backdrop and ending with some cool images in the City meant we had a selection of beautifully composed and lit pictures.

The Civil Wedding

Devan and Jigna’s civil wedding took place the week before their main Hindu Wedding and Reception.  It was an opportunity for me to meet their family and friends before the main event and it really allowed me to create some cool pictures.  Their civil wedding took place at the Leicester Registry office in the town centre with their portraits at the local Botanical Gardens.  I’m definitely going to go back there!

The Hindu Wedding and Reception

Taking place at the Maher Centre this is a venue well suited for large weddings and receptions.  The morning ceremony was beautifully conducted by the local priest who ensured it was a beautiful mix of ceremony and sermon.  But working with other great suppliers made the day such fun.  With the fun we had during the ceremony to the portraits in the park ensured we got some incredible pictures.

The reception took place on the same day with my highlight being the amazing speeches from Jigna and Devans friends and families.  It was one amazing party where everyone took part in celebrating the wedding union that took place.  It culminated in an epic Groomsman shot being sprayed with champagne!

Mahar Centre - Hindu Wedding and Reception

“Just want to say thank you for being part of our wedding and how glad we are that we chose you to capture our special week. From our preshoot session to just meeting and getting to know us, you made us feel comfortable and reassured us you knew what you were doing and given our very tight schedule gave us confidence it could all be done which in the end it was.
From being a couple who aren’t used to having photos taken you showed us how to feel comfortable and confident throughout. Your experience and vision instantly showed when we were doing our preshoot in locations you were new too but still were able to get some amazing photos using your unique techniques.
We were also pleased with the way you and your team are able to work with other suppliers we had such as the videographer and work collaboratively to capture the wedding day and also the way you managed our family members so you were able to be at the right place at the right time to get that right photo. When it came to the LONG list of family/friend group photos you were able to organise the situation in a friendly manner very quickly which I was impressed with. Even our own family members told us how chilled out and nice photographer you were.”
Devan and Jigna

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Yogesh and Suniti's Hindu Wedding at Fennes

Fennes - Hindu Wedding

What can I say about Yogesh and Suniti?  They’re fun, funny, well matched, intelligent, homely, great morals… they’re two wonderful humans.  Just great people.  And I was the lucky person who got to photograph their wedding events.  Yogesh is a keen photographer himself so the pressure was really on to make sure I delivered.

The Prewedding Shoot in India

As with all my clients, I try to organise a prewedding shoot to allow me to get to know them better.  Yogesh and Suniti’s happened to take place in Ahmedebad, India.  It just so happened that we were going to be there at the same time so it gave us an opportunity to do something super creative.  Yogesh and Suniti had told me about the Step Wells, but with the assistance of google, google maps and tripadvisor – we managed to plan a day shoot in around Ahmedebad taking pictures in some incredible locations!

The Civil Wedding and Mehndi Night

This took place in Harrow.  The guys had hired the Great Barn which makes a great backdrop to a wedding event.  It also took place on one of the hottest days of the year.  This was one of those days where a shirt change was recommended!  Suniti looked amazing in her white dress in the morning, but her evening outfit was even more stunning.  But not to be outdone, Yogesh arrived in an equally show stopping outfit.  Style was the key at the mehndi night and these guys had it in spades!

The Hindu Wedding

The wedding took place at the stunning Fennes estate.  If you don’t know Fennes, it is a Georgrian Manor House set in 100 acres of rural North Essex Countryside.  Its a beautiful venue from the long drive in, the iconic White Bridge to the cool large tree stump (you’ll see it in the pictures!).  We had the luck of the weather meaning an outdoor wedding conducted by Milan Mehta and backing music from Shiv Gopal – always a pleasure working with these guys.

The wedding started with Yogesh’s arrival – but there was a twist.  A stand off (or should that be a sit down?) between Yogesh and Reena (Suniti’s sister).  Reena wanted his shoes and wasn’t going to let him past until she got them!  This was going to take a while… When we eventually got into the Mandap, we had a beautiful ceremony conducted by Milanbhai.  I especially loved the moment when Suniti and Yogesh had the verbheri placed over them and they were joined on stage by all their family and friends.  I say every wedding is different and this moment most definitely stood out for me.

We created a collection of beautiful portraits of the couple including an impromptu idea of having them both stand on a 5 foot high tree stump holding coloured flares.  Something a little different in this world of conformity!

And we ended the day just how we started.  A fight over the groom’s shoes (see if you can spot Reena’s hands in the shoe fight picture – #crazy)!  And some extremely tender and loving moments between Suniti and her family as she left with Yogesh.

I hope you enjoy the selection of pictures below and if you would like to see or know more about what I do then please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Fennes - Hindu Wedding


Venue: Fennes
Videography: Vinay Bhudia
Mandap and Decor: Gayatri Weddings
Wedding Music: Shiv Gopal Music
Priest:  Milan Mehta
Bridal Makeup: Roshni Hair and Makeup

“Where do we begin! From the moment we first spoke to you it felt like we became friends instantly. It was an absolute joy having you as our photographer.
You’re not only an extremely talented and professional photographer but you’re also just a fun person to be around.
For two people who hate to be on the opposite end of the camera lens, you made us feel very comfortable. Our photos came out natural rather than a chandler like engagement shoot!
We were also very fortunate to have the chance to do our pre photoshoot in India. We really enjoyed zooming around Ahmedabad taking some amazing photos but also getting to know each other! By the time the wedding day came you just blended in with our families – they all loved you!
Thank you for everything you’ve done for us Nishit, especially all the tips and tricks for when we were booking wedding things and thank you for being a part of our big day.
We could not recommend you more highly!”
Yogesh and Suniti

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bride and groom portraits

Bhav and Vik's Hindu Wedding and Reception at Dunchurch Park

Dunchurch Park - Hindu Wedding and Reception

Referrals are important to me and my business.  But in this case, this was FAMILY.  I first met Bhav at Shak and Anj’s wedding in 2016.  She is Shak’s sister and I got to know the family at that wedding.  Plus… she’s a Parmar.  This was a no-brainer!  Vik, he is new, but you know what, he’s alright. A really cool guy who compliments Bhav so well and the two of them make one amazing couple.

The Hindu Wedding

The wedding took place at the stunning Dunchurch Park where I have worked at previously.  Knowing the other suppliers just made life really easy for everyone.  Bhav was helped in the morning by Anu Mahli while Vik was coming from home.  Upon his arrival, his family made it known they had arrived.  Either sat in the boot of his car or standing through the sun roof – this was a really fun entrance.

The wedding rituals were once again completed by Shak and Anj eho had the honour at Nisha and Sanjay’s wedding the previous year.  Bhav’s entrance was beautiful.  She had arranged for a voiceover (it’s what she does) to be played prior to her entrance thanking everyone and giving praise and thanks to Vik.  There were a few tears.  It was just so perfect.

Following the ceremony we spent some time taking Bhav and Vik’s portraits in the stunning grounds.  On such a hot and warm day we had to use this to our advantage and boy, I think we did!

The Civil Wedding

The following weekend it was the Civil and Reception.  With the Civil wedding taking place in Solihull we then made our way to Dunchurch Park to take the couple portraits and really use the venue to its fullest.  Bhav looked stunning in her white dress and I am sure I caught Vik have a moment as he saw her for the first time.  The portraits were something special.  We wanted to use some coloured flairs and we grabbed some incredible pictures with the flairs in the trees with the light filtering through.  Just some of my favourite pictures.

The Wedding Reception

We ended the day with a fun, crazy, loud reception party.  From the speeches, the dances, to the games and finally the party.  The DJ on the night was Harvey from Birmingham Crew DJs (such a cool guy).  But it was really down to the family and friends who really made this one heck of a party.  I really loved the family speeches – it was heart warming to be enveloped in the love which radiates from everyone.  One thing I will never forget was the heat… this reception took place on what was the hottest day of the year and I was glad I had a spare shirt!!

Dunchurch Park - Hindu Wedding and Reception


Venue: Dunchurch Park
Videography: Paskali Films
Mandap and Decor: Big Top Decor
DJ: DJ Harvey – Birmingham Crew DJs
Bridal Makeup (Wedding): Anu Mahli
Bridal Makeup (Reception): Anisha Shah
Cake: Eat My Muffin Bakery
Photobooth: Signature Booths – Magic Mirror
Magician: The Great Adamos

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